Traveling to Costa Rica

Well, it was exciting enough on this day simply to be leaving on a trip. There was a lot to do before we could leave and it seemed like there was plenty of time to do it, but of course, even with all day to prepare, I left myself only 35 minutes to pack at the end of the day.

River out behind the retreat centerOur friend David drove us to the airport (Thanks David!) and we got through security with 15 minutes left before boarding began. In the time we had remaining, we decided to buy veggie burritos to take onto the plane. We figured we’d get pretty hungry during the upcoming 9 hours of travel. Not exactly an auspicious way to begin a trip to a raw food retreat, with rice and bean burritos, but hey, it’s better than many things we could have had.

Burritos are one our remaining dietary indulgences. We’ve been making an effort during the week to eat as much raw food as we could, so two weeks of raw vegan food wouldn’t come as a big shock. But fact is that we’re not all the way there yet, to 100% raw food. And this is part of the reason we were going to this retreat. During the retreat we expect to find out whether being 100% raw and focusing so much on fruit will work for us. Neither of us have ever gone 2 whole weeks without eating anything cooked before. It will be a record stint on raw food for both of us.

Indeed, later in the flight, we were grateful for those burritos. There hadn’t really been time for dinner anywhere else along the way, and all they offered us on the flight was pretzels, which we politely declined. Travel has got to be one of the biggest challenges to eating right.

On the second flight we were offered a warm cookie with milk. We didn’t eat that either, but it was a good thing I had some dates along. Phillip picked them up for me at the store during the day. All in all, we were pretty tired by the time we arrived in Costa Rica, at 7 am in the morning, Costa Rica time, on Saturday.

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